Need Storage delivered to your home or business today?

Either on the driveway, in the front yard on the grass, right next to the garage or at the back door. We deliver! Click below for a quote.

Illinois Portable Storage Containers Southern Illinois Storage

Illinois portable storage containers are delivered to your home or business fast from Southern Illinois Storage. We began offering portable storage containers in 2013. Portable storage containers provide convenient on site storage. Our on site portable storage containers are placed on your property where you need it most. Either on the driveway, in the front yard on the grass, right next to the garage or at the back door we deliver. No truck or trailer on your property unless requested. With our special delivery system we lift then roll our portable storage container off the trailer at the street. After rolling the portable storage container into place two 4×4 treated post are laid underneath to keep the portable storage container up off the ground. We check for level and show you how the container doors operate.

We deliver to you fast in case of emergencies to secure your property. This helps restoration and remediation companies work faster to get you back in your home.

Portable storage containers available from Southern Illinois Storage in Buckner, Illinois.

***8’x16 & ‘8’x20′ portable storage containers now available!***


Call or Text your information to 618-724-9238

Contact us for a quick & easy quote!

Are you a Restoration and Remediation Company? Have a Residence or Business in need? We deliver portable storage containers FAST! We work with several companies and would like a chance to earn your business. With our partnership we will deliver to your project properties without you or the homeowner present per your request.  We send out invoices each month (we can send it via email if you want), we can provide payment history for each job and can deliver to job site’s same day in most cases. Our delivery area consist of all Southern Illinois towns, but would quote any locations.

Make payments online if you wish as we accept all major credit card or of course you can mail in a check. Please give me a call with your jobsite location for a No Hassle quote.

20′ one trip and used Commercial Storage Shipping Containers for sale or rent.


Call or text Aaron Eubanks at 618-724-9238 for quote for a 8′ x 16′  or a 8′ x 20′ portable storage containers to your home or business.


The portable storage containers are wheeled into place on your property taking care not to damage your lawn. Contact us today for a quote. 618-724-9238

Illinois Portable Storage Containers

Aaron storage picture 2

Family owned and operated business. 

Call or Text me Aaron Eubanks (owner) at 618-724-9238 with your delivery address. I will be happy to send you a quote by phone, text, e-mail, message me on Facebook or click (Contact Us) above.

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Contact us today for a quote. 


Southern Illinois Storage

208 E Railroad St.

Buckner, IL 62819

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